Tail docking and ear cropping must have origninated in the ancient age of biology when people thought changes in one generation would be inherited in the next generation. that has bee proven false.

In this modern age we know better and with as many war and accident victims we have we know of phantom linb pain. I am a scientist and I think docking and cropping cause immediate pain and future pain in an animal. Have you ever been treated for phantom limb pain??? It required strong drugs. I would not subject myself to such and an content with my dogs as God and breeding made them without surgical intervention.

Have you ever broken a bone or had a surgery cause pain the rest of your life. Why do this for cosmetic purposes. do not give me any justification about the nerves of a pups tail are not developed. I do not agree.

Why is this idea important?

I have a MS in biology and over 40 yrs research experience in medical schools and pharmaceutical companies. I have the knowledge and much experience.

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