The free flow of legal immigrants into this country and of our citizens moving to other countries is a wholely healthy and natural activitiy.  It is part of our citizens broadening their experience and  LEGAL immigrants coming here pay quite highly in cash (to this government) for the privilege, and who have to prove they can financially support themselves when they come.  Visas obtained at British Embassies can cost thousands of pounds and rightly so.

The ONLY immigrant problem we have in this country are the ILLEGAL ones, who have come here either to cash in on our too generous support or to escape the wrath of their own government.  In theory we are providing a safe haven for the deserving but often these are criminals in their own society and and they are simply escaping retribution for their crimes.  We have no duty to give succour to these people.  Too many of them are disrespectful of the people who are supporting them.  If they come here and actually preach death and destruction to British citizens then they should be deported to their home country IMMEDIATELY.  This is not free speech, this is ungrateful TERRORISM and I cannot understand why government has not taken action against such ingrates.

All LEGAl immigrants should be welcomed, allowed to work in the area of their choice (not dictated to) but should NOT be given social housing or any financial benefit payments.  If they want to come here, they should be equipped to support themselves, as British emigrants to other countries must be prepared to do.  Any immigrants joining family already here should be allowed to come but supported financially by their family until they are self-supporting.

Why is this idea important?

Legal immigration is being lumped in with illegal immigration and this is grossly unfair to the skilled and law abiding people who want to come here because they value Britain and want to work.

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