Ignore the front pages of the Daily Mail and actually answer the question why are drugs banned.

It comes down to choice – i chose to take drugs or i chose not to .. at no point should the government enter this debate, yes we should have the facts like we do with cigarettes and alcohol, and yes they should be taxed.


Why is this idea important?

If Gilbeys sells me a bottle of gin with rat poison in it i can sue and they will face proscecution, if a news agent sells cigarettes to a 14 year old and he's caught – they face a big fine – these controls work because the items are legal and the sales not hidden, why treat recreational drugs any differently? t please don't try and tell me that prohibition works – as every country in Europe that has started to decriminalise will show you with cold hard facts, it leads to a drop in use and a reduction in the costs asscociated with processing people for drug offences that no longer exist – and at 85,000+ and rising some body has to be brave about reducing the prison population, come on Nick, grow some and put it to the people in a referendum, not the copy writers of the Daily Mail!

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