I'm sure this topic will have been brought up by many people and has been a very controversial one amongst the government.

It's well known that the majority of the UK's cannabis smokers would press for the legalisation of cannabis and the government's ruling on its use I believe is very unfair. I'm 19, a student at university and a regular smoker. 

I believe cannabis should be legalised to a certain degree more specifically for use on one's own property/land and in areas designated for smoking cannabis e.g. a specialised coffee shop but not for use in public areas.

As for the age requirement I don't have many opinions on it, I will leave that for the state to look over. But more importantly, the ability to smoke cannabis should be debated for people with certain jobs such as factory workers who could face danger whilst under the influence.

Why is this idea important?

From my point of view, the government unlawfully labels people like myself as criminals or a threat to the public. I understand that it is indeed illegal but neither myself or my peers cause any harm to society by smoking cannabis.

It is true that some criminal cases can be directly linked to cannabis but mainly because of its illegalisation. If it was made legal, crime rates would decrease, the association of cannabis WITH criminal activities would also decrease and it would mean people such as myself would be able to enjoy it without being harassed by police. 

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