revoke the liability law that states one has the right to sue. the right to sue must be civil with no liabilty on any party directly. there is too much that this country takes for granted, the right to claim liabilty is a claim too far

Why is this idea important?

no one should have the right to sue another, whether they believe it to be their human rights or not. why should a council be liable for a paving stone that has shifted and someone trips over it rather than look where they are going.

why should companies pay liability insurance, involving vast sums of money. the majority of claims involve commom sense, or rather, the lack of.

why should a car driver sue the council as there is a hole in the road. Sueing the council costs the tax payer (council tax) vast sums of money. If the driver cannot miss the hole then they should not have the right to drive – poor eye sight.

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