Whilst it is accepted that this is an emotive subject it is surely time to limit the length of time that able bodied people can claim for being unemployed without being required to complete some form of work.  This country can no longer keep on paying this benefit at the cost of reducing so many other needs, and please let us remember that this is a benefit and not a right.

We as a nation are becoming more welfare dependant with fewer people contributing to the National purse, in some families we are now into the third generation of the same able bodied families that are receiving benefits and have never worked and this cannot be allowed to continue.

This is going to be unpopular but it is a necessary step that must be addressed and it is therefore suggested that the period that people claim job seekers allowance be limited to a maximum period of time after which the benefit ceases and cannot be reclaimed for a period of say one year.



















Why is this idea important?

The country can no longer sustain the amounts of monies spent on keeping people unemployed.

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