1) During the BSE crisis of the 1990's a cattle movement system was established to control the movement of cows and beef cattle. This labourious system with its red tape and policemen still exists though the issues have mostly gone away. In our office we hold a cabinet full of paper passports for each animal. These things have to be stickered and signed, counter signed and a change of address for a cow or calf (or beef animal) has to be reported to the civil servants within 7 days otherwise laws are being broken. The person moving on an animal also has to sticker sign, post off within days otherwise he/she is breaking the law. If BSE has gone away, I don't like being termed as a law breaker for not complying with a system that someone has forgotten to switch off! Dump it!!!

2) Sheep electronic ID tags. Labour decided to go it alone in europe and actually implement an electronic tagging system for every sheep in the UK. The process is so expensive that it represents to the producer some 5% or so of the value of the sheep to implement, representing a pay cut to the producer. Ditch the law, sheep graze on the fells and hills and end up at some point at the abatoir. They are not dangerous or devious this law and measure is not really needed, dump it.

Why is this idea important?

1) Practise needs to move forward so that we can meet the challenges of the future, not comply with the past because it is comfortable for bums on seats within DEFRA. It would be good to target specifically unfair cattle dealing activity, using modern IT. This admin cost goes unpaid, and it is an emergency measure that goes on and on and on.

2) This is a poorly implemented measure with very little consultation from the industry and the needs of this legislation are somewhat cloudy.

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