I own a technology company employing 100 staff. We use computers to design bridges and machinery.

Last year I visited India to set up deals with other design offices and we been subcontracting design work to India ever since. Our competitors are also doing this.

We pay 12.8% employers NI for all our UK staff and no NI for Indian staff.

I visited many large design offices that have been moved from the UK and US

The trend of subcontracting design work to India is growing.

These are technology jobs that are being lost and it is not good for the UK and the training of youngsters.

The company in next door makes umbrellas and has to compete with imports from China.

He pays 12.8% empolyers NI for all his staff.

Its no wonder we all buy cheaper Chinese products.

If we are to have any hope of competing internationally and stop the flow of jobs out of this country we must reduce the 12.8% employers NI.



Why is this idea important?

We worked on the last phase of the Manchester Metrolink. We have now heard that much of the latest phase will go direct to India. (We pay the taxes to pay for this.)

We have lost manufacturing. Call centres have been outsourced. I believe that British Airways have moved there accounts department to India. Now technology jobs are being lost.

Unemployment is self defeating and bad for many reasons:

The unemployed claim benefit

The unemployed don’t pay taxes.

The unemployed don’t spend to keep others employed.

The unemployed loose dignity for themselves and their families.

If we are to be economically successful our primary goal must be to reduce unemployment and we must do this by being internationally competitive and reduce imports.

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