Quite a tender topic. Yet it is a widespread problem across UK, and other well off countries for that matter.

I think we should follows Japan's example, who made it illegal to be fat in 2005. Same thing should be done in UK before it's too late.

Being fat is becoming the norm, people no longer even know what "overweight" means. A lot of people have bad diet, either due to lack of education, laziness or simply lack of time. Spending millions of pounds of tax payers money on those adverts is simply a waste of money, bearing in mind it wont change anything, unless you actually make it compulsory to lose weight.

http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/hea_obe-health-obesity UK – 23% whose BMI is Over 30. That is simply unacceptable. Some may argue that it's genetics, yes one or a few percent may be. But others have no excuse.

Why is this idea important?

First of all national security will be at a risk if we will not have enough fit men to recruit – especially if a major war broke out. Problems as such have been apparent in USA – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7632462/Obesity-among-US-schoolchildren-a-risk-to-national-security.html

Secondly a lot of money would be saved from all the pointless TV adverts, expensive hospital treatments for problems which could be PREVENTED.

If people were healthier, more likely more would chose to walk to where they need rather than use buses to go a few stops (or whichever other transport).

Lastly by not being fat we would save the earth from unnecessary pollution – for instance an overweight person would weigh the car down more than a fit person, therefore he would use up more petrol to get to where he needs – killing the earth unnecessary. Also imagine the savings if as much food wasn't consumed, less packaging, less transporting. W

Save the earth, lose weight!

For all that we know we could reverse global warming!

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