1. Walkways on all ways in Britain with wider more pleasant pavements in towns/villages/cities to encourage people to want to walk down the road.

Why dont people walk on the pavements?

a) Because many ways in Britain dont have any and you would be run over walking down narrow country roads which dont have any pavement. In these instances create walkways, if necessary behind ancient hedgerows so all pedestrians can travel down all the ways of Britain. The car should not have priority over the individual. I have taken holidays with my children in Britains country cottages and been hostage to travelling by car. It is a disgrace.

b) Because narrow or no pavements are unpleasant places to travel along compared to car use. I am 50 years old and would like to have a pavement wide enough not to have lorry dust blown into my face when I walk, to be able to pass looked after planters (looked after by community members) and seats for the elderly. To have the highway code give pedestrians greater  right over cars so they can cross roads more easily. Will it happen in my lifetime? I hope so!

2. Cycle lanes on all ways in Britain for the reasons above. I cannot cummute to work as I would be certain to be knocked off my bike at some time. The odd 50m of cycle lane at a junction doesn't help.

It may be necessary to push building lines back to allow wider pavements and cycle lanes to be incorporated into the fabric of our communities.

Why is this idea important?

Increased numbers of people walking and cycling in comparative safety and pleasantness would result in:

 1. greater social interaction and community spirit

2, increased use of local facilities and shops

3. less obesity and more muscle/ joint use

4. increased mixing of age groups.

5. less diabetes/hypertension/heart disease, all linked to inactivity and obesity.

6. less crime as more people are out and about to see and prevent assault/bullying/burglary.

7. Why now? It is cheap, it improves social cohesion, there is a recession and we all should have the right to travel outside of car use in all of Britain. Please support this!

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