My idea is to overhaul the police complaints system and by so doing, restore public trust and confidence in British police services, particuarly the appalling Nottinghamshire Police 'Service'.

At present complaints against the police have to be made to a 'Professional Standards' Directorate (PSD) or if made directly to the 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission; the complaint is then forwarded to the relevant PSD for 'investigation' before the complainant has any right to appeal. Sadly, following the De Menezes whitewash and many other well-documented cases in the UK, the public have come to see the IPCC has nothing more than paid apologists for the police.

The system is fundamentally flawed and favours the police at every stage because police officers cannot be trusted to 'investigate' their fellow officers and almost always arrive at a conclusion that favours the police. If the police complaints procedure was radically changed to create a fair system that is not biased to the police, then public trust in the police/IPCC could be restored.

The proposal therefore is that all complaints against the police be handled entirely by the IPCC from the very outset and the police should only assist the IPCC in an administrative role by providing access to documents, evidence and to interview the officers who have been complained about  and this should be done in an impartial manner by all concerned.

The IPCC is not 'independent' and in its current guise resembles just another institutionally corrupt New Labour quango with a remit to cheat the public of anything remotely resembling truth and justice. The IPCC is perfectly capable of dealing with complaints against police officers from the outset and if the police object to the change in the complaints system, this will prove that they want to maintain the current biased system and retain the IPCC as mere puppets for public relations purposes….

There is widespread anger against the police in Britain and the New Labour years were a disaster for police and public relations and public trust has collapsed. By overhauling the current system to hand power and responsibility for police complaints to the IPCC, then the public would understand that the coalition government is deeply serious about changing the legal system in Britain. This in turn would cause public trust and confidence in the police and IPCC to grow. It is also imperative that IPCC Chairman Nick Hardwick is replaced because he was and remains a New Labour supporting flunkie with a love affair for the police and which he has demonstrated by his actions at the head of the IPCC.

Why is this idea important?

If the current police complaints system is not changed and people go on being cheated by the police and the IPCC, expect serious civil disturbance as a result. The coalition government needs to get to grips with this fundamentally important matter forthwith and embark on a policy of modernisation.

The public mood in Britain is grim, and the majority of people have no faith in the police and the IPCC and understand that no matter what the police have done wrong, the IPCC will defend them to the hilt, merely making limp-wristed and implausible excuses for the actions of the police. Just the other day, I read on the Daily Mail website a comment posted by a reader that was distrunbing but entirely true. He wrote:-

'Never have I been so afraid of the police because they have the right to kill and get away with it, supported by the IPCC/DPP/CPS, and people just have to put up with it. The police have no duty of care to any member of the public and dozens of court cases have gone in their favour in this respect and yet we are supposed to trust in the police and pay their wages! I've come to see the police as the enemy, hellbent on targeting the law abiding citizen, and they are arrogant, agrressive and generally see the public as a nuisance factor, especially when the public have complaints against them. The police can invade our privacy and what right have we to justice? If things continue in this way for several more years, I think there will be civil war in the UK and the police will be to blamen for pushing the majority too far.'

The coalition government simply has to wake-up to the hard reality of what is happening in Britain and offer the people truth and justice and the first and fundamental step is to upgrade the police complaints system. This will also teach the police that they cannot do whatever they please in the full knowledge that they can get away with it backed up by the laughable IPCC.

If change does not come soon, expect widespread civil revolt within several years and it is no use the coalition government doing what previous governments have done: Attack the leading activists and organisers of civil rights groups, that really will lead to a violent backlash.

This entire situation was created primarily by New Labour with some help from the previous Conservative governments but now the time has come to rebalance the power between the police and the public or the State should prepare for the coming backlash that will smash our socio-political system and create a new order in Britain. If people have no choice than to take matters into their own hands, then that is what we will do. We will get justice through a modernised justice system or we will take over the system entirely and create a just system for everyone in which the police will know their place and abide by the rules.

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  1. This is totally right, my brothers children and his children were threatened by their neighbour, the police took their side, and did not take any statements to check out what my brother was telling them, they took on persons lies, kept him until late at night before interviewing him, and kept changing his words until his head was all over the place. They allowed the perpetrators to get away, and the perpetrators relations tried to run down the children twice, once has an inoperable brain tumour, if he had fallen it could have killed him. The IPCC say that the police do not have to act on direct threats made to children.The police lost the first report which the Inspector said the two police officers would be disciplined and brought out a second report which bore no resemblance what the Inspector had told me, even though the IPCC knew that it was a second report and had untruths in it, they used it, and said that all the contradictions in the statements were discrepancies. So you find the faults why someone is not guilty of a crime and they are all discrepancies, would that be accepted in court? The IPCC have no regard for the truth, and that is what the Justice System should be about, yes, I welcome change, if the truth is shown. Do I want someone to lose their job, no, just to be educated to look for the truth.

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