My idea is to make properties more presentable, you can do this by making it conpulsary to have an acceptable apperience on your house, this is because having a "messy" house on your street affects the costs of peoples houses, also it affects the appeal of people wanting to buy or rent properties around where there are unexceptable houses.

Having such horrifying sights gives England and the rest of Britain a "bad" look, this isn't appealing and that means we loose a lot of tourism.

For example we will use a council house, not all council houses are horrible and are tecnically an eye sore (which is a type of pollution). This is a link to a horrible council house—Derelict-council-house_web.jpg

and this is a link to a council house which is presentable and which all council houses have to set a standard to, if not even better.

It is not just council houses, it's also private houses and companies.

Why is this idea important?

If you look in countries such as Spain, they make sure that all of there properties are clean and presentable, painting the buildings every "three or so" years, this makes Spain a more presentable and attracts Tourism, also it influences people to buy or rent properties, helping the economy.

Also Germany is a beautiful country, because of this in both countries, it attracts people to come visit there countries. By getting people to come over to there countries they already gain money to the economy by travil, hospitallity and anything that they do such as socal (E.G musiums or theatres).

If you look at this building, you can see how clean the building is, and well looked after it is, (ignore the writing)

If you look at this building, you can clearly see how well looked after it is, even when it's flats! but in england our flats are a far cry from this

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