Police spend a vast amount of their time dealing with issues that do not need their presence.  Why do people feel the need to contact police to help them facilitate disciplining their children because it is too difficult for them to do themselves?

How often do officers spend their working day filling out reems of paper to resolve a neighbourhood dispute that could have been resolved with a little common sense instead of allegations and counter allegations of minor criminal offences which are never in the public interest to prosecute or even deal with in the first place.

Lets make it clear that the police are hear to help fight crime and keep the streets of our home towns safe from violence, drugs and other criminal activity.

You cannot quantify the effect a police car driving down a road or a bobby walking the local neighbourhood has on preventing crime.  These are things that officers could do far more effectively if they were not getting called to deal with petty problems that people do not have the sense to deal with themselves.

Its time to make police call screening more efficient and for staff to start taking the hard line wih people who have petty problems that could easily be dealt with without a police presence. 

Its time to get tough on time wasters.

Why is this idea important?

This is important to free up the time of officers so they can get on with the important aspects of keeping our streets safe.

Lets stop them from working hours of over timebecause they have to write unnecessary reports about pointless issues that people are just too laxy to deal with on their own.

This will save time and money and give police the time tofight crime.

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