At the time of writing. It is completely legal (although in most opinions morally disgusting) for woman to have unprotected sex with a man in order only to get pregnant. Usually by lying about being on another form of contraception (e.g. pill or injection). My idea is to change the current legal status of such a degrading relationship and stop woman taking away a man's right to choose the place, time and source of his children. It disgusts me that a man can be deceived into impregnating a woman and then be trapped into 18 years worth of child benefits which could result from a one night stand or 2 week fling.

Why is this idea important?

It is no longer the woman who is trapped by her own baby making organs. The time where a woman could be impregnated and be forced to keep the child by a man are gone. Feminism has taken over and in the balance of all this, the right of a man to choose who has his children has been stripped from him. A man has no right to force a woman to abort an unwanted child and has no legal redress for the situation. As soon as the unwanted child is born, the man is open to claims from either the mother (from birth) or the child (from the teenage years) for monthly child benefit payments. Given New Labours love of benefits and the increased perks for having a child (e.g. being put to the top of the Council Housing lists). Men are being used, victimised and then bled for all the money they have, for a child that they ultimately do not want and more importantly did not have the right to choose whether it was born or not.

I cannot believe that the Government and the Courts have missed such a fundamental human right…something as simple as being able to choose who the mother of a man's child is.

NOTE: This is not trying to absolve men or women who have unprotected sex. It should not be encouraged due to the higher number of STDs and other infections going around. But unfortunately in a society where unprotected sex with someone is not seen as such a big deal any more. The use of condoms has gone down, opening men up to this situation merely down to the deceit of some evil minded and selfish females.

FURTHER NOTE: This is not a man getting a females in general or feminism in general. It is a man getting at the system which allows certain selfish women to abuse it in order to trap a man into 18 years of child benefits.

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