I invite the PM and deputy PM to go on a drive on any UK motorway on a nice sunny afternoon to observer the average speed of vehicles – it's at least 85mph, some places the whole lane of cars moving at 90mph.

they all hit the brakes the second they see a police car or mobile speed camera, and most people concentrate on those rather than road hazards. it's simply wrong to pretend the 70mph limit is respected in this country!!!

perhaps putting it up to 90mph, with digital speed limiters on main roads putting the speed limit even higher (nothing's wrong with 155mph on a quiet wednesday afternoon) or lower during rushhours and bad weather. let's make the roads work to their full potential.


on the other hand, 60mph on most country roads is a hazard. this should be lowered to 50mph in most places, possibly even consider daytime and nighttime speedlimits.


Why is this idea important?

restore respect for the speed limits

free up police from picking on half the population for braking unreasonably low speed limit, they should be concentrating on dangerous driving, and driving faster does not necessarely mean that (think Germany with solid respect for speed limits and lane discipline).

better use of the roads with more cars flowing

and yes, i am aware of the emissions, but costs of extra fuel burnt at higher speeds is going to balance out people's value of their time spent on the roads.


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