Currently you dont have to pay road tax on any car if it was built before 1st Jan 1973 !! I own a 1979 MGB roadster and probably do around 500-1000 miles a year in as its old and needs a lot more attension but because it was built in 1979 i have to pay £180 every year to allow me to drive it on the road.

I have another car to get to work and that to costs me another £180 a year, I can't drive both at the same time, and due to the increasing costs of life my pride in joy may have to be sold as I can't afford to keep it.


Why is this idea important?

Some of these historic cars helped make this country and a limit should be set as they have paid there way it this world, just like your free bus pass at 65 these car's should be road tax exempt as they could end up being lost forever.


Many thanks

2 Replies to “Reduce road tax for historic cars to 25 years”

  1. Great idea. So much heritage would be preserved with this, and very little money lost.

  2. I agree, historic vehicle tax should be on a rolling 25 year basis again. The government wouldn’t lose money as more will be restored and revenue from fuel duty would increase as they’re not as economical as modern cars, even if they’re not driven much, we still like to keep fuel in the tank.

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