Make the council tax discount for single people a full 50% rather than the current 25%.

Single resident households pay more council tax than a residence with 2 or more adults sharing a household & I cannot see how this is fair.

Although a residence with 2 or more adults will pay the full council tax fee, it is actually less when this amount is split between two (or more) incomes in one household.

A single person living alone should receive 50% reduction because they have just one income & under the current law are paying more with their single income.

Why is this idea important?

Single people are overlooked time after time even though we contribute equally with taxes.

We have no special tax allowance or benefits that married couples enjoy.

Its time for a re think on this unfair policy & acknowledge how hard it is for a single person to keep afloat in a household with just one income.

2 Replies to “Reform Council Tax Discount for Single Person Residence”

  1. At last support for the single co tax payer!
    …I would be interested how local councils justify this unfair tax!!!!….in a world where criminals seem to get a better deal than the victims……what about our Human Rights as law abidding tax payers??????
    …..surprised this issue hasnt hit the press! there any more comments about this here?????? Baz

  2. I support the idea of a <50% reduction for a single person occupancy as I do not see how the present 25% reduction can be justified.

    A single occupier is typically less of a burden on a local authority: firstly they are less likely to use local services and secondly, they use less resources comparably to a property with multi-occupancy e.g. refuse / waste disposal.

    The single occupier is nevertheless responsible for paying all the bills at their property: mortgage / rent, utilities, insurance etc.

    Perversely, single occupiers have less disposable income yet pay comparatively higher charges..

    In an age when the majority of couples work and therefore live in households benefiting from double incomes.this is hard to reconcile.

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