The Abortion Act in the UK allows abortion under certain circumstances, which must be agreed on by two separate doctors.

In practice, abortion is provided on demand, and the second doctor's signature is superflous. It has created an unessecary beaurocratic part of the process and it serves no purpose. Removal of the requirement would bring an outdated act in line with modern practice.

Why is this idea important?

Even if abortion is made more difficult to access, or made illegal, women will still seek to end unwanted pregnancies. Death from unsafe abortion practice causes significant morbidity and mortality in the developing world. Deaths from abortion in the UK are rare because abortion in the UK is legal.

Women do not come to a decision about abortion lightly, and should not be made to feel guilty or  to go through a gruelling process in order to procure a safe abortion. Let's streamline the process, and make it slightly  easier for all concerned.

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