Well, the title says it all. Get rid of the silly digital smiley / frown face speed check signs! They serve no purpose but to infuriate motorists by insulting their intelligence and by suggesting that we should be treated like children. Everybody I know who passes them admits to speeding up instead of slowing down when they see one. They have an adverse effect and they make us look like morons.  I'm not a moron! I'm a mature adult who finds it offensive to be so blatantly patronised by a ridiculous nanny state.

Why is this idea important?

It's important, (a) because we don't have the money for such outlandishly offensive schemes, (b) because we are all adults and don't need to be subliminally patronised and molly coddled by the state and (c) because the smiley / frowny face signs are just plain stupid and produce the opposite effect they are trying so badly to enforce.

Hows about spending the cash on fixing our roads instead?

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