End the financial incentives for young people to get pregnant early in life by axing the pregnancy grant and restricting Child Benefit to those over the age of 21. This will encourage people to think of a career, stay in education, learn a trade or otherwise contribut to society.

Why is this idea important?

1. Young people need to be encouraged to stay in education, train for a career and learn to contribute to society.

2. We have some of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world, and this is coupled with low aspirations on behalf of those concerned. Perhaps we make it too easy for them?

3. Teenagers generally have no idea of the costs and the responsibility involved in bringing up children. Some think that Child Benefit covers the cost!

4. We have not always had Child Benefit, and it is not something people should alwasy expect to be there. It was a privelege when we coudl afford it, and now we cannot.

This post was prompted by my hearing of the 19 year old with 3 children on Radio 4 this morning. Surely this is a life on benefits spread ahead of her?

One Reply to “Remove Child Benefit and Pregnancy Grant for under 21’s”

  1. This makes sense when its about teenagers who genuinely have children for the benefits and free housing, but, i am a 19 year old mum to a 2 month old, my partner of nearly 3 years works full time shift work i worked a part time job while i looked for full time work until i went on maternity leave and will be returning to work in summer. We didn’t plan on having a baby, it just happened, but i don’t see why we shouldn’t be eligible for child benefit. I have qualifications a-level standards and wasn’t ready for university so i planned on going to university in a few years if i couldn’t into my ideal job without doing so. There are teenagers out there who do have children young but also have jobs and work hard to support their family and i don’t see why we are denied this minor bit of help. My partner earns too much on his own without my wage for extra help but we still struggle so having a minor benefit that everyone got was a bit of help. what needs to be focused on are the people who refuse to work because their better off on benefits.

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