Please end the flexibility that allows local authorities to enforce bus lane restrictions that apply "Monday to Friday" on bank holidays.

(I drove in a bus lane on Bank Holiday Monday solely becuase the restriction only applied Monday to Friday and thus, so far as I was concerned, not on Sundays).

Why is this idea important?

The rationale for bus lanes is to speed the flow of buses not to penalise otherwise law abiding citizens.

A bank holiday is, for all other purposes, equivalent to a Sunday and bus timetables reflect this too. Local authorities (eg: Ealing in West London) should not be allowed to penalise motorists simply because the authority has not passed a byelaw confirming that a Bank Holiday should be treated the same as a Sunday for road traffic act purposes.

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  1. Bus lane use on a Bank holiday.Does the camera operator get paid double time on a Bank holiday or is it just normal day.If it is a double time than why are we charged for using bus lane on Bank holiday?

      1. Merton borough has two bus lane roads one is London road the other is Upper Green East road and the London road you can drive and park all day on the any Bank Holiday Buy the Upper Green East one signage say Monday to Saturday 7am to 10 am and 4pm to 7pm you can’t drive on the bus lane The same Merton where ask it says London Road is for London Transport and Upper Green East belongs to Merton council This’s so complicated issue and we are penalised for driving on Monday Bank Holiday if you comes from Sutton borough and you don’t have a clue what road is restricted or not. When I appeal to Merton council to exempt my PCN issued on June 6 Bank Holiday, It’s reply was Merton has it’s own rules. From my point of view is this councillors are determined to make money from their own people who voted for them. I’m not happy to pay £65 or £130 in cash from my pay Every time I drive on Bank holiday

  2. I similarly assumed the same on BHs. glad I surfed online first to discover that councils are eeejits. Nobody works on BHs so why are they enforcing bus lanes – duh! Sounds like pure money making scam

  3. Buses run a sunday service most bh’s, there are no other vehicles rushing about why not use them on bh’s the lane is empty the roads are clear. I have just had a notice for using a bus lane on a bh. Monday through Friday I understand when the buses run frequently and stop start all the time. There are times I would say they need to be free of cars like in towns and cities so be it but come on COUNCILS use a bit of common sense with BANK HOLIDAYS.

    1. I have just opened a letter which happens to be a PCN form Enfield Council for using bus lane on 2016 Easter Monday Bank Holiday. I knew years ago that bus lanes could be used on BHs and I still used bus lanes 2015 Christmas BH without receiving any penalty so I think it varies from one borough to another.
      However I think it is absolutely unreasonable to penalise motorists for using bus lanes on bank holidays when very few buses and even other vehicles are on roads.
      The law surely needs review.

  4. I have just realised that I was using the bus lane today after 4pm… in Ealing. I looked at the clock and it sort of clicked that it was Monday but then I thought…”well today is Bank Holiday after all. It should not be a problem”. Obviously I am online at the moment to put my mind at rest but I just have a headache now. As the others have commented, a Bank Holiday is very much like Sunday and I cannot see any reason as to why it should be any different when it comes to bus lane usage. For crying out loud something has to be done about it. The bus lane restriction is a great idea. What is a disgrace is to even think that it is fair to fine drivers on a Bank Holiday. If the council stills think that they have the freedom to do so they MUST change ALL their signs to “Mon-Fri INCLUDING Bank Holidays”. I will definitely make a fuss when I receive the fine. I am not amused.

    1. Hi I have just got the same thing 2 times in the space of a hr on the same road in separate directions this is ridiculous I received it from Ealing as well really not happy what did you do when this happened if you don’t mind me asking I now have to pay 130

  5. Just received a PCN for using the bus lane last bank holiday (31st. August). It is a disgrace and a money making ploy. I thought bank holiday was treated as a Sunday.

  6. Bus lanes always used to be considered non operational on bank hols. As others have commented, bank hols are like Sundays, so unless the sign says “At All Times”, one should be able to consider that bus lanes are non operational on bank holidays.

  7. When I passed my driving test in the early 80`s it was in the hand book that You Could drive your car in the Bus Lanes on Bank Holidays. I’ve been doing so ever since, but never in an exempt all day NO Buses lane. I’ve always wondered if this still stands, and if not, the 1960-80`s drivers were never informed. I know I wasn’t.

  8. Some very good points have been made above.
    I also received a PCN for driving on a bus lane. This was on Bank Holiday Monday 28th Dec \’15, Ealing council. I mailed them yesterday to challenge it.
    Let\’s see what will be their response – I\’ll try to come back here and share.

    1. Hi, I have got a notice now for driving on Bank Holiday Monday on 30/May, did they respond to your mail ?



  9. Hi again!
    First and foremost I would like to vote YES for this idea (btw, where is the \’vote\’ button?).
    Secondly, I returned here to tell you that my PCN challenge (I drove on bus lane on Monday 28th Dec bank holiday) was declined. In my three letter to Ealing Council I used most of the arguments found on this website and asked them to use a common sense with this type of contravention.
    Here is Parking Services response:
    \”We have carefully considered your challenge, however have decided not to cancel your PCN. Although we sympathise with you, parking and bus lane rules apply on bank holiday unless signs say otherwise. The rules are there to ensure that traffic flows freely and safely. Because many areas are busy on bank holidays, the rules apply then too. In view of the above, I can see no justification to withdraw this PCN…\”
    Let\’s do something about it!!!

    1. I’ve just received a penalty notice from Ealing driving in a bus lane on Good Friday

      1. Same here , I got notice for driving on bus lane near northolt tube station from ealing council. It money making time window for them , as I overtook a car before realizing its not weekend and came out of bus lane , but seems they were well prepared not to miss the opportunity.

    1. I’ve just signed. We need 5 sigs for it to go live and get a link to publish.

  10. Thank you for setting up the petition.
    I am going to appeal to the adjudicator after Barnet council has rejected my two challenges regarding Bus Lane Penalty for driving in the bus lane on Good Friday.

    1. Hi!
      I lost my hopes after sending three challenges and paid eventually to avoid further problems.
      Can you tell us if you were lucky with your appeal?
      Thanks and regards,

  11. Hi I have also received PCN from Ealing for driving in a bus lane on Bank Holiday Monday 29/08/16.
    My rational behind was as everyone’s that bank holiday was considered as Sunday.
    My point is that is TFL providing Sunday service on all transport including buses then why are we penalised with PCN when actual bus service is running at reduces intervals.
    They should not be allowed to have double bite at the cherry.

  12. The Bank Holiday Bus Lane Law is only there to make money and it’s use is theft by the liars who set the stupid thing up.
    It is well known that there is no access to that rule/bylaw before the offence takes place.
    Ironically the only time the rule is known to the infringer is when the NIP is received not before.
    Try finding the advice re Bus lane fines are valid on bank holidays ????
    Nottingham has the most diabolical deceatfull sert of rogues making the rules to raise money and plenty of it. Despite an adjudicator repremanding the Council for not having adequate signs for bus lanes they publicise the fact that they do not agree with the judgment.
    The television Midlands today stated Councils can basically do as they please….. What he did not add was —- do as they please to screw the driving public and never mind the rules of the land.
    Drivers must get together and protest en masse.

  13. I was fined by Nottingham City Council for driving in a bus lane on a bank holiday Monday. I only drove in that lane because there was no traffic on the road and I would otherwise have been driving in the outside lane. It’s a ridiculous charge as the traffic is the same or less than the traffic on a Sunday.

  14. Just received a pcn for using bus lane on August bank holiday n have similar mindset of Sunday rules apply while on BHs but it seems councils are ripping off motorists n should place a restriction sign of bank holidays Alison operate normal lanes hours. It’s disgusting when buses operate a Sunday service why not their lanes operate in same way.

  15. I see comments from years ago bit has any one gone for a formal appeal and won the case? Is it worth going for a formal appeal and end up paying full amount? My pcn appeal was rejected saying that ” for bank holiday to exempt the sign would have to state ‘except bank holiday’.” I dont think there are any bus lane with this sign! Could some one share an experience if they have won a formal challenge or taken tge pcn to environment and traffic adjucator?

  16. I have been done for driving in a Bus lane 7-10am 4-7pm on Good Friday. I thought it would not apply but I guess I will pay up. I was also done 3 times in 24 hours for turning right into Longfield Avenue in Ealing in October 2016. I was gutted, took photos of the scene, appealed once. Got the standard rejection. ended up paying 3 x 65 = 195 pounds to avoid it doubling up to the very serious amount of 390 pounds. This is a very contraversial right turn and the council had waived charges when they first imposed the restriction cos everyone was doing it . I later found out I could have appealed on the grounds of inadequate signage because someone had made a successful appeal…I hate Councils and their attitude that the motorist is an easy way of making money

  17. I have been given a fine driving in bus lane on 7.5.2018 assumed as everyone else it was a bank holiday. Is there any chance to appeal for it and is there any successful stories?
    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated

  18. There needs to be national regulation that takes this scam away from local authorities. Also, allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes (proven lower casualties and less traffic jams).

  19. Bradford Council are after me for a 3:15pm error in a bus lane that starts at 3pm, I admit it wasn’t a bank holiday but it was a school holiday day and in a very early start bus lane (that just so happens to be outside the a major school – that wasn’t open at the time). They are not budging on it and must have wasted a lot of staff time and wages responding to my queries. No common sense or idea of keeping the taxpayer on side whatsoever.

  20. i drove in a bus lane on a bank hoilday monday on bath rd bristol been fined twice because bus stops then reopens again but being a bhm does not stop them from fining me £120 bcc have very little common sense

  21. I have been fined using the bus lane on a bank holiday from Barnet Council. This is ridiculous and I think should not be acceptable.
    Is there any appeal success stories around? Any help will be very much appreciated!

  22. Well as far as i was aware bus lanes can be used on bank holidays but seems i was wrong. I have received a PCN for driving in a bus lane on 7th May 2018 by Ealing council.
    Can anyone suggest how do i proceed with a representation? and does anyone think it is likely to be dropped or would it be just waste of time and might as well pay £65 to the money making council.

  23. Got PCN from Newham for driving on the most recent Good Friday holiday about 18:54. actually this misinformation is a rip off. Why don’t motorist petition this. I saw last petition closed with a mere 14 signs. We should also blame ourselves for these mess We are never as strong as other EU nations. We shall get out of EU and the authorities will enslave us as they wished.

  24. Received a PCN for driving in a bus lane on Good Friday 2019. I have submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for a breakdown of PCN money collection by type of day (weekday/weekend/bank holiday) and will be taking this further. If anyone is still around, I would love some support.

  25. Yep. Ealing have sent me a £130 pound fine for driving in bus lane past Northolt at 07.20am Bank Holiday Monday. This is a simple scam! There is no justification for it as detailed by other posts here! My feeling is they are obliged to provide adequate signage and would thus need to add ” Incuding Bank Holidays ” to the hours of operation notices! ( Or have no defence against entrapment/ extortion proceedings!? The simple fact is for 65 quid no one is prepared to expend the time and money to challenge them in court! As I understand it there is no specific bye law passed that permits them to treat bank holidays as a normal day re fines!

  26. I have just received a ticket for traveling on bus lane for 14 seconds on a bank holiday 26/08/2019 issued by Lambeth council ( King’s avenue) at 17.20
    I really believe this is unfair.

  27. I have recieved a tocket for being in a bus lane on 1 1 2020 a bank holiday as far as i was aware sundays and bank holidays are treated the same by bus companies but not by merton council they are parasites bending the law to there own advantage

  28. On 31 August 2020 being a Bank holiday Monday I drove on a bus lane, to see now I have received a Penalty charge from Ealing Council. The signage does not include Bank Holidays, as such unwary motorists like me are caught time and time againn ( this is my 5th penalty charge) by GREEDY, Money grabbing bandit councils, hell bent on making money. Bank Holidays should be treated like Sundays, as bus traffic is very low as it is a non working day for 99% of workers. Ealing Council take note and treat Bank holidays like Sundays. If not Change all bus lane signs and clearly state that the restrictions apply Monday- Fridays including Bank holidays.

  29. Hi everyone. Me too, just received pcn for driving on BHm on the Church rd in Northolt . I do complete agree with what people say, there should be a sign saying “including BHM” then it’s all clear to everyone. I live in this country since 13 years , driving since last 5, driving licence since 21, and I’m sure I’ve seen signs saying BUS LANE IN USE MONDAY-FRIDAY INCLUDING BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY so why not put one like this where the confusion happens quite often. Road signs are for drivers to understand the rules of the borough even if you haven’t been in that particular area before. You just read the sign while you drive and there should be no problems. It’s like setting a trap and waiting for someone to fall in. That’s not how things should work. Does anybody know if challenging this PCN could achieve any positive results? Best regards.m

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