The way the Pedlars licences are issued   is well out of date and not fit for purpose for todays society.

Currently, any Police authority can issue a pedlars licence which allows and individual to travel from town to town trading on public highways and selling goods to the general public.

The proposal is to remove the issuing of licences from the Police and allow Local Authorities to issue licences in their own local authority area.
LA's already issue street trading permits and this allows them to control, police and manage trading actvitiy in their public spaces which is the right thing to do. It also allows the public to have some form of redress if things go wrong with the "pedlar"  trader. (at least they will know who they are!)

I am not saying get rid of the Pedlars licences, Just allow the LA's to manage them.
The Police have enought to do.
Do the Police want be  accountable for issuing the licences to individuals they can not monitor or police? I don't think they do.

Why is this idea important?

It is not removing a law, only chaning the way that it is administered.

It saves the Police time and resource and from being accountable for the licences.

LA's already issue trading licences and this allows them to manage traders in a more cost effective and accountable way.

One Reply to “Remove the issue of Pedlars licence from Police to Local Aurthorities”

  1. Bad Idea. The 2006/123 EU Directive requires for simplification of regulations on services including the service of commercial trading includes direction that each member state provides a single point of contact and unless their are severe overarching considerations only one set of regulations and registration need to be provided. This does not affect Local Authorities acting as Trading Standards from reasonably inspecting a sample from the goods proferred for sale to satsify any concern as to the safety or fitness of purpose such products, it is also thought that prices for each product or type should be clearly on display. By their nature the cultural calling of a pedlar is to be itinerate and travel between towns and trade therein what do you expect such a individual to hold 380 plus licenses from each authority he may visit during the duration of his certificate. The annual police check on renewal is the simplist form of public consumer protection necessary and the pedlar always has to make avalible to any person for inspection the certificate which makes it a very valable document for his livlihood.

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