The Claims culture is having a costly and adverse effect on society and the way it behaves.  By removing the right of lawyers to advertise, the emphasis on "blame culture" will be re-aligned to allow for common sense and the admission that accidents do, in fact, happen.

Why is this idea important?

We have seen the Blame Culture and its effects and I don't believe that we as a Nation like it.  Allied with excessive "Health and Safety" culture we have new ways for people to say "No!" to us doing what we enjoy and introducing a culture of fear of reprisals – and greed from those who seek financial advantage from what used to be called accidents.

By removing the advertising we will eventually revert to the society we used to live in, where negligence could be punished and compensation claimed, but the first instinct was not to call a Personal Claims solicitor.  By restoring this culture, we will accept more personal responsibility and in doing so, reduce the cost of bureaucracy across business and stimulate in a small way the Economy.

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