Several posts on the site imply or claim that social workers and other officials misrepresent what has taken place during dealings with members of the public. When ringing many organisations we are told that our calls may be recorded.

Please repeal the laws that prevent members of the general public from recording telephone calls which they make or receive, and recording or filming interviews with Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, etc. with the intention of using such recordings in evidence if this becomes necessary.

We have probably all had experience of salespeople who miss-sell, miss-describe the product or the payment methods, etc. often by telephone. Please repeal the laws that prevent us from recording these calls and using them as evidence if necessary.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because it can be almost impossible to prove what has taken place in an interaction with officials and professionals. The government might save a considerable amount by preventing the exploitation of the vulnerable by those who abuse a position of power.

It would help considerably in either curbing the behaviour or cutting the jobs of those officials and professionals  who behave inappropriately – and that is likely to lead to an upswing in both public morale and the popularity of the Coalition .

It would also lead to rather more honesty from sales-people, and it would, of course, protect honest people who behave appropriately in dealing with clients, patients and customers.

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  1. I am fighting in Maryland to have Landlords fraudulent charges –which he admitted on phone –to have those conversations admitted in court — i.e. as defense in my case. This is tricky because MD law brings felony for one party recording.

    Any suggestion or reverence from you on how to prosecute for being deprived of right to due process, and/or referral to viable attorney will be appreciated.

    Douglas M. (elderly person being evicted)

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