To repeal the 1965 Act removing the right of the courts to impose the death sentence on what were previously termed capital murderers – capital murder being murder committed in the course of or furtherance of theft; murder by shooting or explosion; murder while resisting arrest or during an escape; murder of a police or prison officer or persons assisting them; or two or more murders committed on different occasions.  Aspects of EU law preventing member states from restoring or introducing capital punishment would of course also need to be addressed.

Why is this idea important?

"Bring back the death penalty" seems to be one of the more popular ideas on Your Freedom; however it hasn't had much of a hearing because these calls are not for a law to be repealed, but for new legislation to be introduced.  This proposal calling for a repeal of the Act which removed the ability of the courts to impose death sentences in the first place seems to me to be more appropriate to the site than other pro-death sentence proposals. Importantly, this proposal is different from the main surviving pro-death sentence proposal on the site in that while that one calls for blanket imposition of the death penalty on everyone from drug dealers to sex offenders a simple call for the repeal of the 1965 act would only see the death sentence (potentially) applied in cases of what were formerly called "capital murders", at least initially.

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