I have been reading the comments about this, and simply wish to add my vote in favour of repeal, or at least a modification. 

Let me say at the outset that I am a smoker; just so you know where I'm coming from.

It goes without saying that non-smokers have the right not have my smoke inflicted upon them; this would still be true even if there were no health issues at all. I do think though that I also have a right to be able to enjoy my pint with a cigarette, and to make my own decisions regarding the risk to my health. With its blanket ban the government has usurped my individual right to decide, and a lot more besides.

Why was it necessary? Some pubs, restaurants, and pub chains like Wetherspoon's, were already moving towards the idea of segregation, even before the ban. This is of course the answer, allowing institutions and individuals to make their own decisions regarding smoking on their premises.

Civil Liberties are most often under threat when a section of people are afflicted by a crusading mentality. Convinced utterly in their rightness, they can then confidently dictate to the rest of us how  we must behave. Even worse if they happen to be experts. Hence the growth of what I call 'health fascism'.

Having put smokers in their place, who's next? If you like a drink or two watch out!

You can detect an anti-libertarian a mile away. They'll eventually use the word 'ban'. Ban the burkha, ban this, ban that. So our freedom disappears…

Why is this idea important?

Relationships between the citizen and the state should be consensual especially where personal behaviour is concerned. The state should not intervene unless such behaviour is causing harm to others.

The ban on smoking is an example of a liberty being removed by a crusading minority, notably ASH and their allies; I think other liberties are similarly endangered.

I think people should be aware, smokers or not.

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