Previous to this law being enacted two musicians could play in a restaurant or bar without any license being required.  Since this law was passed, even a charity can't put on an event without having a license for music.  Private parties require licenses for music even if the music isn't impinging on neighbours.  I run a jazz club for the past 30 years and have been employing many musicians who in turn pay their tax to the government.  I am also a jazz vocalist and through my gigs again employ many different musicians to play with me at various hotel and restaurant venues. Again, this adds to the government's revenue.  There are many venues that would love to have music and employ us but can't be bothered to get a license or simply can't afford it.  The music attracts people to their restaurants and hotels and again generates income on which they pay taxes.  This revenue is no doubt more than the cost of the license.  It is just beaurocracy gone mad.  It is also false economy.  Repeal this ridiculous law.  Instead you may wish to control the level of noise generated by Discos which is going to cause a generation of deaf people adding to the burden of the NHS.

Why is this idea important?

As above, repealing this law will add to the regeneration of employment for musicians, stimulate business for hotels and restaurants and pubs,  and in turn creat revenue for the government.

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