Both the Human Rights and Health & Safety laws are not, intrinsically, a bad idea but are being seriously abused, misinterpreted and misused.  Surely it cannot be beyond the powers of the law-drafters to use some method of adjusting both of these laws so that the misuses – which must be clearly obvious to everyone – can no longer happen?

We don't want to go back to Medieval days, just back to sanity and common sense.  Remove the vast compensation payments for trivialities and make people take responsibility for their own lives again.  Remove those parts of the laws which enable people to always look for someone else to blame when something goes wrong.

We have Habeas Corpus in UK (we DO still have it, don't we?) which should actually cover many of the Human Rights areas.  Could this not be strengthened and brought out of mothballs?

Why is this idea important?

Not only will it save money in legal bills, compensation, etc., but it would remove an aspect of the law which is making the UK look ridiculous on the international stage.  It would help clear the Courts for more important matters and ensure that people actually began to consider the consequences of their own actions again.  All of which is a first step towards becoming a properly Adult Society once more.

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