To look into the way KC/Karoo manage their phoneline services, and to see how the area can be promoted to other companies such as BT/Virgin/Sky, to encourge fair competition in the area. For both companies, and consumers.

Why is this idea important?

For many years now, the people of Hull have complained about the lack of choice available for both phone and internet connections. And while KC/Karoo insist there is no issue in terms of a monopoly, companies like Virgin and Sky wont touch the area. There has to be a reason for this, as consumers are crying out for them to enter the area.

Commercials from Sky offering free Broadband for TV/Phone subscribers, are useless in Hull, and do nothing but torment the consumer. Showing them offers which aren't available to them.

Something needs to be done, where our only option isn't just KC for phone lines, and Karoo for Broadband. We need competition, which is the only time services improve. And until that competition enters Hull, KC wont feel the need to do anything about their service.

If the rest of the country can have freedom in what servies they choose, why should a single city not be able to?

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