Restore the Common law to the land mass of Great Britain and it's citizens.

There is need only for three laws.

1) Do no harm to other humans.

2) Do not damage the property of other humans.

3) Honour all your contracts.

All law applying to citizens should be Civil law in Civil Courts Courts Du-jour.

Judges should be Umpires/ arbiters of civil Courts, where the offender is faced by the offended before a jury of their peers where the offence is tested for it's veracity or otherwise on the evidence presented by both parties and a constabulary of peace officers.

Discussions of reparations are presented dependent on the decision of the jury. The reparations being enforceable by a constabulary who honour their oaths to keep the peoples peace and act to establish evidence and facts in any particular case.

Only corporations can be criminal in their behaviour or can possibly be criminal.

Why is this idea important?

The British system of justice has failed is open to corruption and is  not justice and is corrupt.

I give you this example that happens everyday in Great Britain.

1) A man enters another man's house, steals property and trashes the rest.

2) The owner of the property returns to find the mess and lists the stolen property calls in the police who investigate the offence.

3) A week later the police arrest the thief, charge him with theft and aggravated burglary.

4) He is brought before the De-Facto Courts

5) He is found guilty and punished either with a fine or with a Prison sentence the thief is now branded as a criminal and looses either his freedom or suffers a monetary penalty.

question is this justice?  NO.

The owner of the property by his own funds and taxation of those funds has indisputably paid for the following.

1) The property stolen and damaged

2) The Policeman who came to his house to investigate, the Police man who made the arrest, the paddy wagon that hauled the thief off to the police station, the police man who made the charge, the police station in which the thief was incarcerated, The Court building in which the case will be heard, the CPS, the defence lawyer, the clerk of justice, the Magistrate, the security guards, the prison, the prison staff, his food  and water in prison and all the prison property etc.etc.etc.

What reparations does the property owner receive  NONE,

So the system gets all its' costs for the buildings transport personnel etc. paid for by the one person who has suffered the loss and the system collects all the reparations in the form of fines and profits on the prison system, not to mention the profits on the thief's birth bond which should be used to make reparations to the property owner who suffered the loss.

And you idiots in Police, jurisprudence and politics call this JUSTICE  I have never heard such nonsense and garbage in my life.


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