Anyone who  begins to claim benefits be notified that if not having children when putting in a claim the state won't finance any there have while  there on benefits or those already on benefits who already have kids the state won't pay for anymore.

Why is this idea important?

It's time people took responsiblity of living within there means instead of continuously having kids and the state having to pay for them.I know it's every one's right to have kids but it's not right for the tax payer to support them,if restrictions were put in place then maybe those on unemployment etc might not use kids as a financial accessory or a avoidance of working for a living.I know people/couples who claim have had Babies for the above reason's and it's sickening that people do this and expect the tax payer to burden the expense.

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  1. I’m a lone parent who worked and supported my family single handed until illness struck and now I’m not fit for much. I rely on benefits much to my disdain but nevertheless couldn’t survive without them. I didn’t plan to be single or ill but life had its own plans. Not everyone can be beaten with the same stick. If the taxpayer (of whom I was one for years) was realistic it would stop contributing to people who throw alcohol or excess food down their neck and make all individuals responsible for themselves. No one takes responsibility these days that’s why we have so much unsocial behaviour problems and a health service not worth a damn!

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