For too long have we been thrown around by the European Union, being told what to and not to do. Forced into becoming Metric, when in-fact 96% of the British population are AGAINST kilometres, metres and other metric units on our roads and food labelling. [Source:]. Imperial Units were created by us, the British, and yet we use litres for measuring fuel when in-fact, countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Burma (Myanmar), Cayman Islands, Grenada, Guyana and Sierra Leone use Imperial/UK Gallons for petrol/fuel (as of Summer 2010). Even the United States is not officially metric and it's the most powerful nation. 

I believe that by repealing the laws forced upon us by the European Union that prevent Imperial Units to be printed on food packaging unless accompanied by metric units, in-which the metric units must be given priority, it would stop confusing people about what units we use. I seem to remember that in 2001, in one of the Conservative Party's policies, they pledged to bring back lb's and oz's and get rid of kg's and grams.

It is also illegal to sell loose goods by the lb, it MUST be sold by the kilo. This law should be repealed since I would prefer to buy fruit etc by the lb rather than the kilo. We should not give in to the EU and birng back Imperial Units of Measurement.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that this idea is important because life is getting more confusing every few years. Old road signs which used to say 6' 1" now say 2.1m which is completely confusing to the average motorist and is ILLEGAL. It is illegal under British law to show metric road signs for height without Imperial Measures being shown and having priority; yet we see more metric road signs than ever.

By reverting back to the Imperial System, we will save a lot of money by not having to change EVERY road sign in the UK; yes, Northern Ireland too.

In a time where money is scarce, we shouldn't be spending millions on changing the road signs to metric. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Fully agree.

    To hell with the metric system, give us back feet and inches, pounds and ounces and all the rest – and make sure they are taught in schools.

    1. Yup fathoms, poles, perches, furlongs, firkins, gallons, quarts, pints, 15/32 of an inch is so much cleared than 12mm when measuring. Stones, cwt, trailer load, it’s all great. Yeah 32 degrees Fahrenheit – freezing point. Its sounds soo cool. Whay about Grains to and £sd. Lets rejoin the only threecountries in the world that don’t use metric Burma, Liberia, and the United States

  2. Totally insane. Imperial units belong in museums. 5280 feet in a mile? What idiot thought that figure up? I could understand a 1000 feet in a mile but that would be too easy.How many inches, furlongs or fathoms are there in a mile? How much does a gallon of water weigh? How many cubic inches in a gallon? At what temperature does it boil and freeze? They’re all strange nonsensical figures. Many countries once had their own primitive measurements like imperial but they ditched them all for a simple elegant system understood by everyone regardless of language. Imperial is dead. Forget it.

    1. Slightly over 63,000 inches, but inches are only used up to a couple of yards for obvious reasons. i e 72 inches. A fathom was a vertical sea measurement, though effectively superseded by the foot or metre. 8 furlongs to the mile. 220 YARDS TO THE FURLONG, 660 FT. Not exactly difficult. Metric was first invented under Napoleon Bonaparte,why should any English speaking people go totally metric, N.z for example has still retained acres and pints. And t.v sets in inches.

      1. Yup and blokes in NZ go on about having 6 inches too. And that proves?

  3. Imagine one smart card that allows travel on any mode of transport; trains, buses underground,trams and ferries anywhere in the world outside the USA. Compare that with having to buy a separate ticket every time you change modes and one that is only valid in your local area. Which is the better system? That is the difference between the SI metric system of measurement and the random group of units known as imperial that is not even integrated enough to be called a system. Conservative polititions, the right wing press and the crackpots at ARM and BWMA have prevented the metric system being implemented fully in the UK claiming it is non- traditional, unpatriotic or too expensive.
    One day people will see sense.

    1. Of course it fits together. Though there are some very good reasons why certain measurements have to go by the wayside. It doesn’t mean we should get rid of all our traditions Let’s get rid of postboxes altogether shall we ,just because million s of e mails are now written every week. Same sort of sad pathetic attitude. If you don’ t like having to buy your beer by the pint, why don’t you go and live in France where it is illegal to do so anyway.

      1. The pint (la pinte) was adopted from France in any case as were many so-called British units! It really is time to ditch all those duodecimal anachronistic units. After all, this is the 21st century. All those who want the return of imperial units should also want the return of pre-decimal currency plus all the other now-obsolete units of measurement.

  4. Go on to a units converter ( I use mine in asda all the tine to see what I’m getting for my money ) go to speed enter in something like 60 mph go down to yards or feet per second and notice the whole number as it divided perfectly with time , now do the same with say 100 kph in metres per second yet another reason to retain our imperial measures

    1. Give it another try with 60 kph and you‘ll find out the speed limit of your argument ;-). But seriously, I do appreciate the need to adapt and the time that takes – nonetheless I‘m convinced ut is worthwhile

  5. Leave the culture killer measurements to the scientists, when the hell are we ever going to use millimetres in conversation.

    F**k metric,
    long live imperial!

  6. Totally insane..Some facts:
    Every country worldwide uses metric measurements.
    Only three countries (US, Liberia and Myanmar) dont use metric as their primary system of measurement. They use metric as a secondary system of measurement.
    British scientists and engineers were central to the development of the metric system and arguabily the metric system is more “British” than the Imperial system that used Roman and Saxon units of measure. Metric measures are legal and official in the US and have been since the US Metric Act of 1866. The modern metric system (SI) is the international measurement system for world trade. It is the global community of trade and communication that has forced the UK to adopt metric rather than the EU. Although the advancement of metrication has occured over the last 100 years, the UK officially started a metrication process in 1965. Although many people still use Imperial units of measure in conversation, after 40 odd years of metrication they do understand metric measures. Some road signs do legally display metres (but not km).
    Road signs need replacing every 10 to 15 years anyway. The cost to metricate road signs has been estimated to be less than 2% of the Dept of Trannsport annual budget.
    The cost to revert to Imperial measures both financial, educational, and human is too great for the UK, and will place us in isolation from the global community.
    Metric measures are here to stay.

  7. Water has a density of 1 and so 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram and occupies a cube 10cm on each side.

    It is an easy job to scale up to a cube that is 1 metre on each side and know that it weighs 1000kg or 1 tonne and is 1000 litres.

    The equivalent maths in feet and inches, pounds weight and fluid ounces are not at all simple and prone to error.

    1. Actually, the density depends on altitude, temperature etc. The metric system is based on a calculation of the circumference of the earth, which the French got wrong . Need anyone say more.

  8. To hell with the metric system!!! Bring back the old, understandable measures. Could not agree with you more, sir. Bring back old currency as well! We won’t give in to the French F**kers!

  9. Thoroughly agree with these comments. The imperial system is far more robust and traditional. Goodbye Europe and good riddance

  10. How many miles to the litre does your car do ?
    I thought that you wouldn’t know.
    So WHY do we have buy petrol by the litre instead of the gallon.
    Part of the reason is probably that the oil companies know that we would shirk a bit from paying over £6 per gallon.

    1. I do miles per gallon (UK and not US version).

      The main reason they have stopped listing the price in gallons is that is over £5.30 per gallon, which would scare the hell out of most people!

  11. Try dividing any distance between to points into tenths with a compass or a piece of string and a pencil and you will find it is nigh on impossible. The try halves, quarters, eighths, sixteenths, etc., and it is perfectly possible.

    1. True, but how good does it work with a string or a compass if you try twohundredandtwentieths, sixhundredandsixtieths or onethousandsevenhundredsixtieths?

      And in which case do halves or sixteenths help in translating one unit into another one?

      Finally, when we‘re not struggling with the strings on the M25, division by 10, 100, 1000 and so on is possible in everybody‘s head, division by 16 in mine at times not ;-).

      My opinion: the metric system is the superior system, emotionally we prefer the imperial system. Despite our well recognized respect for our very valuable traditions we have always been open for other solutions, have always rejected inferior approaches and – at least in the long run – always decided for the better solution.

      For very good reason we are proud of and well-known for our excellence in common sense!

  12. Is this a wind up? Who would really want to ditch the metric system? I am in my 60s and I wish the UK would go totally metric by changing the road signs, etc. The metric system is far superior!

    The USA, though doesn’t use metric daily, the units they do use are defined by the metric system!

  13. The avoirdupois lunatics appear to know nothing. The British were once the most enthusiastic supporters of the metric system since, at the time, Britain was the only industrialised country on earth. It would have benefitted hugely from a unified system for manufactured good that only Britain could make. The metric system was devised by the French but was supported by scientists and engineers here who were already attempting to lay down national standards in those areas where anything else resulted in huge expense, huge mistakes and chaos. In some areas such was Britain’s enormous technical weight that others simply adopted our measures. The world still does with football pitches! But once the Napoleonic wars broke out anything French became taboo, including that system that scientists here continued to use no matter what the frothing-gobbbed Francophobes might have wanted. They couldn’t understand what the scientists were talking about anyway, let alone the units they used.

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