Road Tax To Be Put On Petrol

No one will be able to avoid not paying Road Tax any more as the people need petrol to run their cars. 

Even working on the current banding using the engine size, for example the 4×4 need more petrol so will be paying more tax when they fill up at the pumps.

Why is this idea important?

This is a win/win for all the Commonwealth.

This will free up the Courts and Police time.

Plus will save the tax payer and Government by scrapping the department that administers the Road Tax.

It  will also help free the queues at the Post Office for the old folk.

Might also make people think about walking for shorter journeys.


12 Replies to “Road Tax To Be Put On Petrol”

  1. I’m all for the road fund licensee being added to the price of fuel at the pumps that will ensure a fairer taxation for those who use it plus as stated will free up gov officials plus the police. The only big problem that I can see is government will do what it always does and get greedy, treat it as a money earner and put far to much on.

  2. Put tax on petrol then when you use it you pay simple. My car cost £500.00 to tax and sits on the drive 5 days a week as i commute to London its a complete injustice and its legal thievery scrap it.

    1. It might be unfair but you’ve chosen to buy a car with high VED on it. If you don’t want to pay so much on a car you use twice a week then don’t by one that pollutes so much.

      1. Durrr Colin! Wouln’t he be paying proportionately for his pollution? Like amount of fuel in relative to amount of pollution out!?
        Right now he could decide to use it 24/7 and pay the same amount!
        The fixed tax plays into the hands of commercial vehicles who pay proportionately little!

  3. That still makes it unfair since you could go by an electric car and not pay any tax at all.

  4. Great idea to move road tax onto fuel costs. Foreign vehicles will pay for the use of our roads, people will pay for using the road when they use it. People who choose to walk or cycle benefit. Electric cars pay tax for charging batteries anyway. The additional tax on fuel should be negligible. At an average of 10k miles per annum on an average 35mpg car the tax added to fuel would be approximately 2p per litre. That’s excluding the removal of administration for road tax. Great idea

  5. I think its a fairer system to put it on fuel you could have a reduction for commercial vehicles that bring our food deliveries. I choose to have several motorcycles why should I pay road tax for a vehicle sat in my garage.

  6. Yes it is a good idea although it would be slightly unfair on those who live in rural areas and have no buses. However, if the latter but small fuel-efficient cars, the extra cost, if any, would be very small and it may discourage them from making so many trips into town.

    What is really needed is some form of higher taxes on large fuel-consuming non-environmentally-friendly ‘swank’ cars. May be a higher VAT?

    1. Why should a car that does 3000 miles a year pay £500 a year and a car that does 40000-50000 a year only pay £130. Which would pollute the environment more??
      Put it on the fuel and the more you drive the more you pay and also less economical vehicles would have to pay at the pump. Finally evenpeople with classic cars would pay even if they only drive them a few hundred miles a year. To me it’s a win win for the government and it’s fair for the motorists.

  7. Just about to tax my car in which I do 5 to 6k a year in, my Daughters car is £30 p.a mine is £315 pa she does 30k a year, who pumps out more co2 & bad gasses? Vechile tax need to end and it needs to be added to fuel, every one then pays the correct amount SIMPLE – sort it out Government, just because you can afford to polute the air does NOT mean you should be able to make the air bad for others

  8. When’s this going to happen? I have a car that I hardly ever drive and costs £500 a year to tax.

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