everyone in the United Kingdom has to shop to survive but get no extra help to pay for their weekly shop. MPs are allowed to claim for the monthly or weekly shop, however if I work away from home i have to use the Money for our monthly shop and budget accordingly with my partner as i am not at home. Surely people in a position such as MPs are able to do basic budgeting for family food etc. Another area is that of transportation cost, I travekl to work at a cost of £200:00 per year on a train for 1 1/2 hrs per day as an example but can not claim this money back. If a person takes a job thenm they know the issues and costs before taking it. This is a normal working expenditure for over 90% of the UK population it should be treated the same for MPs.

Why is this idea important?

THis approach would reduce the amount of pressure on tax payers and go to some way in helping reduce the budget. Even if 50% of MPs claim this allowance at an Average of £400:00 pcm a saving of 1.5 million pounds per annum would be made or 6 million over 4 yrs. This would also show that not just the public were sharing the pain and cutting their cloth but those that make the laws that affect us all. If the transportation expenses were refused well over another 6 million pounds over a 4 year period could be saved.

MPs are climing expenses for what is classed as and identified as by all in work as normal daily costs or expenditure to work therefore MPs should be in the same bracket. Remeber at the turnm of the 1900 MPs did not get paid for doing the job. They could always get another job nearer home.

2 Replies to “Scrap MPs rights to claim for food allowance mainly shopping”

  1. MPs are well paid, why should we give them food subsisies at the expense of people on low or fixed incomes who actually need some support.

  2. Every working person has to budget and pay for their own food and travel. MPs get paid plenty in high salaries, they should pay for their own food and travel because they know before they start out that it is part of the job. If they choose to live a high life style, they should pay for that out of their own pockets and stop milking the system.

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