All state maintained schools are legally required to provide daily collective worship for their pupils, and so all school pupils are currently legally obliged to undertake an act of worship each school day, regardless of their own beliefs. Although there are opportunities to opt out of this, this is only allowed if requested by the parents. This leaves young people without access to their right to freedom of belief.

I am strongly in favour of inclusive school assemblies, which can help to build shared values and a sense of community. I oppose acts of collective worship in school, since these exclude many, and believe that the parental right of excusal is not a proper solution.

Why is this idea important?

Not all pupils are religous, let alone Christian. Making it compulsory for these pupils to attend unless opted out by the parent / guardian is an abuse of their freedom of religion and belief.

Replacing these with assemblies which focus' on the issues and topics that individual pupils do have in common is much more likely to promote a more inclusive system and a more harmonious and accepting environment for children to grow up in.

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