Retain all laws as they will either be useful or become quaint news items of the future.

Then transfer the responsibility of enforcement of laws from the state back to the citizen.

The local citizen bodies will then:

  • Select enforcement of laws that cab be ignored and put into the Quaint category
  • Prioritise the remaining enforcements for their local area
  • Vote on what is sensible and supportable
  • Select what is to be done locally and either fund or volunteer it
  • Outsource the rest to competing private and public services

Our ability to communicate should make this easy to implement.

Why is this idea important?

Transfer of choice from the state to citizen.

Inclusive for the young, who now grow up expecting the State to just be a boring extension of their parents.

Having centralised too much responsibility, the state is increasingly becoming "powerless" to deliver because of competing interest groups.

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