I believe that the rights of homeowners and occupiers to defend themselves and their property should be significantly strengthened in situations of trespass. Additionally I think it is absurd that a criminal can sue a homeowner for injuries sustained whilst trespassing (e.g. for cutting himself on barbed wire). My idea is that the law should be modified so that a person who trespasses with intent to commit a crime has his or her rights limited. (this would exclude certain situations, e.g. children who innocently trespass on a building site without contemplation of the risks)

Criminals should be unable to sue for injuries sustained whilst trespassing and a homeowner should be free from criminal prosecution for assault/battery/ABH/GBHs20 (if these acts were commited by the homeowner or occupier in order to defend themselves or their property).

Why is this idea important?

Because it would act as a deterance against would-be trespassers and give people the freedom to act without fear of being immorally prosecuted.

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