align the clocks to central european time eg double summer time from current arrangements & single summertime in the winter months

Act immediately by continuing British summer time throughout this winter & move clocks forward one hour in March 2011

Why is this idea important?

1 Saves at least 100 road deaths & 2000 serious road traffic injuries per annum.

2 Increases the value of tourism by in excess of one BILLION POUNDS

3 Saves hundreds of thousands of energy costs both to individuals & business

4 Supports environmental objectives by less use of fossil fuels


2 Replies to “single double summer time”

  1. The UK is part of “Western Europe” and is not aligned North-South with “Central Europe”. Looking at a map it is clear that “Central Europe” lies some ten degrees or more to the East of the UK. It is also abundantly clear that France and Spain are on the wrong time zone. They should be on the same time zone as the UK and not the one used by countries further East. Every movement of fifteen degrees East or West requires a change of one hour on the clock. The US has five time zones. Europe should be able to cope with two.

  2. No, Greenwich Mean Time should be cancelled instead for good, because i want more daylight hours especially down in the south of england going to more better use.

    so we should cancel the fall back each year on the last weekend of each 10th month of each year of course.

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