Introduce a Two-Tier advanced driving licence for skilled, proficient drivers who are tired of being made to drive in a procession-manner day in day out. 

One-size does not fit all, and the same applies to the current (out-dated) speed limits.

What is the point of having a 30mph restriction road  where nearly 90% of the drivers (including pensioners) drive at 45mph ???

Why have 70mph limits on Motorways, when most people (including the speed-bashing hypocrites) drive at 85mph  ???

I've even had a met police officer (driver) admit to me that he regularly finds himself feeling sleepy while driving at 70mph on the motorway, and he agreed that the speed laws are a "little silly".

The speed limits on all roads need to be raised by at least 10-20 mph (except for school areas, and residential areas with high density of parked cars), yes i drive fast, but im also very safety conscious.

Even better, the government should introduce a two-tier licence, whereby those wishing to drive above the TEDIOUS speed limits can undergo a reasonably priced assesment of their safety & car handling capabilities to determine how well they can control their vehicle and react to unforseen dangers. 

Such a test would not be designed to price out poorer drivers, but rather target lapses in driving skill.

It would help to quash the current (unfair) stereotype that sees all 'quick' drivers  as 'dangerous' drivers. 

Why is this idea important?

Sometimes people do need to rush / make up time. The politicians and enforcing these road laws, are hardly ever bound by them, coz one little thing, and they've got sirens and blue lights to pave the way for them. How unfair.

The police can drive at 160mph for no reason / emergency, yet they'll say its a skill ' exercise' and get away with it. Round my area they race down blaring their sirens, just to pull into the chinese restaurant a few seconds later. On a 30mph road, a panda car patrolling, with no emergency, cruises back and forth on the roads at 55mph, but anyone else do that for a genuine reason, and it's points on your licence – even when you can drive better than the damn police.

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