Backing up beeping devices fitted on lorried, and vans are a major source of noise pollution in urban areas. Some of them are even talking (very loud), with the noise traveling hundreds of yards. I presume there must be a law or regulation forcing their installation. This must be stopped.

Why is this idea important?

Noise pollution is constantly on the rise in urban areas, and is becoming a major concern for residents, as it not only disturbs privacy, sleep and in some cases health. Un-necessary sources of noise should be eliminated.

2 Replies to “Stop the loud backing up beeping on utility vehicles”

  1. I assume that the list of unnecessary noise sources that need to be eliminated includes your voice? If this petition is anything to go by, you mustn’t have anything useful to say.

  2. Reversing beeping anywhere at any time is a nightmare, and a threat to mental health. It has nothing to do with safety. It must be banned and the manufactures of these wretched devices must be somehow answerable to the misery they cause.

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