While many in the mainland UK enjoy a good supply of cannabis, albeit an illegal one less fortunate individuals in more cut off areas of UK e.g. Northern Ireland are left with the dregs. 

This includes various forms of tainted cannabis/ marijuana. Grass or weed can be sprayed with many materials to add weight before being bulk sold to a large scale dealer. The materials that have been identified so far include Fibre Glass, Sand, Lead Scrapings, Sulphur. The list goes on. Within cannabis resin any number of things can be found with the common theme being if it can be melted and mixed with cannabis it will do. Dog excrement, records, plastics and car tyre traces have all been discovered in resin. The ratio to cannabis / plastic while I dont know for certain from recent samples of resin in the area it is not good. 

But from a governmental standpoint on the drugs act, attempting to prevent us from buying marijuana legally has caused masses of people to smoke a lot more than just a plant. 

If a brewery was tainting its bear and someone got sick there would be an uproar but thousands of people are paying criminals for marijuana contaminated with harmful substances.

Why is this idea important?

The figures are out there for how many people smoke. From my experience there is a large resurgence of people not only smoking cannabis but now taken to growing it as an extra bit of income in the current economic climate. 

We cannot allow the contamination to continue as there has been no research done into the effects of smoking the materials used to add weight, but from what news there was about the lead grass obviously smoking lead is bad. 

For a law to put up the pretence of protecting the people from harm, this is just another nail in its coffin. If cannabis is legalized and regulated then there will be standards which must be upheld. IF these standards are done correctly and the levels of THC and CBDs are in balance then the slight chance of mental illness is also eliminated/ treated.

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