There is no equality for the treatment of children of British Born Mothers who happen to be born abroad as being automatically British. Only the chidren of British Fathers born abroad are British Nationals while children of British mothers have to pay a registration fee of £570 each and undego checks before they can be "British citizens" Such children also become British by descent which means they cannot pass their citizenship on to their children if they in turn happen to be born aboard. This is one rule for one category of people and another for another category.

Change the law so that where it says father it should say parent across all legislation to give equality to all and fairness and remove the need for fees and registration as well as "good character" requirements as a means of blocking people based on their mixed ethnicity.

Why is this idea important?

It treats British Femail Ctizens and their children less favorablly then the children of British Fathers born aborad. It is a long standing issue that has not been fixed and there are traps put in place to take high fees and test of character etc in order to preclude such persons from being British. It is not a fair treatment of equlity of sexes and must be fixed going back to accomadate many who are alive and live in the UK today but are effectively blocked from benefiting from EU citizenship and freedom of movement

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  1. This is incorrect. There is no requirement for children born abroad of British mothers to register at all. The sex of the parent is entirely immaterial. The only inequality is in the treatment of illegitimate children who cannot automatically become British unless their parents marry.

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