I think we should review the rule of no overtaking on the inside (undertaking) on multiple carriageways.

Why is this idea important?

There are far too many inept drivers who would rather sit lazily in the middle lane on an empty motorway, unfortunateluy they still continue this practice when the road becomes busy. I will always flash drivers who are un-neccesarily in my way through this practise and if the offending driver is in the outside lane then I have and will continue to pass them on the inside. The change in law would obviously require some people to commit to the impossible task of looking all around them, a practise that should be carried out religiously anyway!

Overtaking on either side works well in other countries, why not see how it does here?

2 Replies to “Undertaking on Motorways and Dual Carriageways”

  1. Totally agree. After merging from slip road your in lane 1 of a 4 lane 120kmh motorway. Driving at 110kmh is a motorist in lane 3. For you to pass ( overtake) you have to make 7 maneuvers which consist of 6 lane changes and 1 overtake. How can any road safety expert say this is safer than simply pass on inside.
    Scenario 2. On a dual carriage way your in lane 1 driving just under limit in line with motorist in lane 2. With 2 lanes merging into 1 ahead the other driver being courteous slows down to allow you pass. According to the RSA you are committing an offence by undertaking. This crazy idea that undertaking is dangerous or less safe than overtaking is just stupid. It has nothing to do with blind spots as overtaking has them also. It is quite legal for a motorist in lane 1 to drive up alongside another in lane 2, but must not pass is crazy

  2. Just got accused of undertaking on a34 by undercover police officer
    13car in lane 2 including undercover officer doing 50mph No one in inside lane for over 2mile
    So I carry on driving up lane one till the undercover office move into lane one so I over take them go back into lane one and carry one passing car and then get pulled over (all under the speed limit)

    Do your job in the first place!!

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