I am a shared owner (50%) of a flat with Thames Valley Charitable Housing Association.  If I have the money to purchase the whole property, I would not opt for this scheme.   

Shared owners pay monthly rent to Housing Associations and owned a percentage of their properties.  Now, with the window scrappage scheme, the Housing Association is leaving to us to bear up the cost of changing the windows.  Is there a law on housing associations operations – shared costs in improvement to go along with the government's energy saving plans – subsidy of £2,500?  Housing Associations should maintain the building including windows – consider extermal parts of a property.  It is unfair when the Housing Associations are not paying full or part of the costs.  They have the priority to sell the property when we give up anytime before we can purchase 100% of the property.

Why is this idea important?

Many shared owners would like to support the window scrappage plan.  It saves energy and we pay less on our utilities bills.  The environment will be greener.  Is this how it should be with the middlle income groups?  The plan is not only for the rich and those who can afford.  Middle income earners need support from the Housing Associations to carry out the plan when we are paying them rent.

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