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Why is this idea important?

Simple. free and likely to be the single most important health care initiative this century.

2 Replies to “Withdraw free NHS treatment for smoking-related diseases in people who smoke”

  1. So people that have paid large amounts of tax all their life should be denied potentially life saving treatment, while those that pay nothing, but don’t smoke (though it’s true not many don’t!) go to the front of the queue??! Quite apart from the fact that taxes raised from smokers, vastly exceeds expenditure on their healthcare, what about other pastimes, or lifestyle choices, that increase the liklihood of needing treatment on the NHS? Drinking? Driving?, Hang gliding?! Should we deny these people access to the NHS too???!!!
    Yet more ill-thought out drivvle, from an obvious anti-smoking zealot!

  2. I am an aged smoker but have been a non smoker.
    If it ends in my early demise, then that’s my lookout…I wont blame all and sundry for my own choice of pleasure/unhealthy habit…but will continue to observe passive smoking protocol in objecting company.
    If we Smokers are an unnecessary burden on the NHS, then I am all in favour of a separate SOHS (Smokers Only Health Service) funded from UK purchased tobacco tax revenues. I’ll religiously start keeping all my receipts for proof of purchase and contribution entitlement.
    I keep being told we have the technology, but what happens if it all goes up in a puff of smoke ?
    Any surplus revenues to be kept in a charitable trust for discretionary tobacco Smokers only help with hospice care/assisted suicide advice, holiday/ pension/insurance products, funeral plans, legal services and all the usual marketing bits etc…
    Disadvantage…of course, this idea may encourage more people to start smoking or to smoke themselves into more benefits than achievable in the non-smoking community….causing even more resentment on that side of things.
    Advantage…us smokers will die quicker, quieter, arguably happier and largely I hope at last out of non-smokers minds.
    The non-smokers can then concentrate with more justice upon the multitude of other questionable NHS cost guzzlers.
    If successful, the same system could be followed for the drinkers, drivers and hang gliders etc,,,leaving the NHS free to discriminate further as needs be to hopefully keep the costs within other tax revenue sources.
    Would we all be happier ?…probably not…with rich peoples robots taking over in this dangerous digital interconnected world, I foresee a premature end to all things once considered to be relatively solid and stable…the more we rely on technology the worse the eventual end may be.
    One more fag before I put the rubbish out though.
    Puffer Ricardo signing out from bread and circuses at last…and I can get away from this addictive time consuming machine.

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