I understand this page is about restoring civil liberties and not introducing new prohibitory laws, however i felt the need to raise this concernt anyway!

The government should ban the con-artists who operate up and down the country and on television who 'claim' to be able to communicate with the dead and relay vague and construed messages to their surviving family members, often for extortionate fee's.

I myself do not believe in an afterlife, however if I did, I cannot imagine an afterlife where we float around our surviving family members in the hope that they will pop along to a medium communicator so that I can relay some vague piece of information on them. If indeed I could truly communicate with these 'mediums' I could think of many many important things to tell them other than the arbitrary comments you regularly here such as 'they are happy now', 'they are in a good place', 'they want you to move on with your life' etc etc.

The whole thing is a complete sham and in my opinion the worst kind of sham… one that plays on the grief and sadness of people who have lost loved ones.

I would urge every one to look into the art of 'cold reading' if you truly believe these 'mediums' have special powers. A quick 5 minute read on this subject will swiftly bring you to the conclusion that these people are filthy fraudsters.

I could ramble on about these disgusting individuals all day, however I hope the jist of my feelings on these con-artists has been raised.

Thank you, comments are welcome

Why is this idea important?

To stop the exploitation of grieving individuals from truly despicable con-artists.

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