To repeal the laws passed by the last governemnt which mean that Christians are losing their jobs ( e.g. as registrars), or threatened with civil cases ( e.g. providers of bed and breakfast) , for acting on their belief that homosexuality is a sin which they do not want to help promote.

Why is this idea important?

Everyone has the right to their own lifestyle. It is as important to protect the  lifestyle of chriostians as it is that of homosexuals.

One Reply to “Stop persecuting Christians”

  1. yes you are free to believe that homosexuality is a sin – you are not free to act out on those beliefs that restrict the freedom of others. do you not know what freedom means?

    restricting others because of your beliefs is cruel and medievil. welcome to the future, weve dragged religion kicking and screaming out the dark ages but some things stick.

    turning away gay couples from a B+B is the same as not letting black people sit on the bus. it is evil. who are you to deny other people their rights?

    you are free to worship your evil god, but how dare you enforce his evil views on the rest of us. this is the christian ‘love’ for what it really is.

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