The Office of National Statistics shows that even today men in full-time employment still earn 12.2 per cent more than women doing the same jobs.

We are all told that the reasons for this are complex and that there are issues of confidentiality which prevent the problem being adequately addressed.

A simple solution would be to increase the wages for ALL women in full-time employment by 12.2 per cent. This would, in a single stroke, acheive the equality which decades of government policy has failed to do.

Why is this idea important?

The idea that men and women should be treated and remunerated equally in the workplace is longstanding. This is an important civil liberties issue which successive governments have failed to solve. Women deserve equality and the government has run out of excuses for not giving it to us.

2 Replies to “Increase ALL women’s wages by 12.2 per cent”

  1. You can’t roll out an average that spans different age groups, industry sectors, experience levels, qualifications, etc. across everyone like that. That makes a sweeping assumption that the pay difference is equal, and you can almost guarantee that it’s not.

    While I believe in equal pay, an attempt to generalise like wouldn’t resolve the inequalities in different areas. It would need a more targeted change.

  2. One of the main reasons why women’s incomes are lower than men’s incomes is that few women chose to apply for highly paid jobs like civil engineering, construction, train drivers, airline pilots and almost any jobs that mean working out in all weathers.

    Pay equality for doing the SAME job is already enforced by law.

    Simply increasing women’s pay by X % is simply sexist.

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