I have a feeling the new government are looking at this one already. If not, I believe they should do, quickly.  

I'd never heard of this one until only a few years ago – since not too many years ago anyone asking for time off work due to 'stress' or 'depression' would be laughed out of the doctor's surgery. 

How it ever became accepted as an 'Incapacity' in relation to work, I have no idea. I'm not talking about short term depression after life changing events, where a few days of work may be necessary to get through .  I'm talking about the so-called 'clinical' depression – where there is no obvious cause, and the symptoms are merely a desire not to work and to stay on benefits.

Why is this idea important?

The benefit culture has got out of hand. It has often been said recently that there are whole households where no adults work.

In fact there are whole STREETS where there are no working adults – and not necessarily caused by the recession – it’s been the case for years.

6 Replies to “Stop Incapacity Benefit for “Depression””

  1. This is ridiculously insulting – ‘where the symptoms are merely a desire not to work and to stay on benefits’ I have recently come out of hospital for clinical depression and anxiety. Was I admitted because I didn’t want to work and wanted benefits? No, I was admitted because I had lost the will to live. My anxiety is still bad enough that I have trouble leaving the house or making eye contact with anyone and so until this improves I will be unable to enter the work environment. Do you suggest I starve. Don’t pick on the mentally ill, they are an easy target.

  2. ‘How it ever became accepted as an ‘Incapacity’ in relation to work, I have no idea.’, Probably because you’re not a psychiatrist.
    It is only in the last 30 years that depressive illnesses were understood to be so debilitating.

  3. sorry, but I know someone who has never worked, claiming incompacity allowance, has a very pleasant lifestyle, has enough visits to drs etc., to keep on these benefits, thoroughly enjoys talking about her feelings and herself, no children to look after. She is better off than a lot of people, having a job would probably take the focus off herself. I know some people do have severe depression and cannot cope with life, for a number of reasons,however it is too easy to be on this benefit, it should really be for people who cannot cope, not people who enjoy a pleasant lifestyle, visiting friends, going on holidays and enjoying holidays.

  4. You cannot get benefits for the symptoms “not wanting to work and stay on benefits” Where on earth did you get that idea from? Delusional?

  5. You\\\\\\\’re very ignorant. \\\\\\\”Not talking about short term depression after a life changing event\\\\\\\”. That\\\\\\\’s not depression that\\\\\\\’s grief, stress, bereavement, ect. Those are normal emotions. Depression is NOT an emotion it\\\\\\\’s a mental illness. Those with depression have different levels of neurotransmitters than non sufferers. MRIs have shown significantly reduced activity of certain Brain regions when subjected to positive stimuli than healthy individuals. Depression also has a proven genetic link. I\\\\\\\’ve suffered from clinical depression for over 12 years, the symptoms are both mental and physical. Mental includes grief, sadness, anger, irritability, guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness,anxiety, stress, being devoted of emotions all together and a constant mental film of the worst parts of your life, every mistake you ever made, the worst case scenarios for the future even for simple task like paying for shopping as well as suicide and suicide notes. Physical symptoms are insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite to excessive food cravings, and limbs feeling heavy as if wearing a body suit made of lead as well as migraines and feeling physical sick. I work and have never claimed benefits, most people with depression work and most people fiddling the benefits system aren\\\\\\\’t claiming for depression, most common is job seekers which they lie, sabotage cvs and interviews, followed by child benefits. Those falsely claiming incapacity benefits do lie about physical disabilities so not just depression. The whole system needs an overhaul not just removing depression which would only affect a tiny minority of the lazy liers.

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