Currently Newly-Qualified Teachers (NQTs) have a 16-month time limit within which they need to start their first year of teaching (first job).  This limit is too short – someone who graduates in June 2010 would, by November 2011, have become unqualified, even if they had done supply teaching as often this does not count.

In my case I completed my training in March 2010, and fortunately got a job to start in August.  Had I not got a job for the new academic year (and jobs that start at other times in the year being few and far between), I would have to had given up teaching as by July 2011 I would have rendered myself unqualified as I would not have started my first job.  In this situation I would not even have been able to work as an unqualified teacher as my teaching qualification rules this impossible.

Why is this idea important?

The government spends upwards of £10,000 per NQT in training and support, which in some cases is money lost as not everyone is guaranteed a job come September.  From my experience of job searching there are not currently enough jobs out there for all NQTs.

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